Welcome Sundar and Lila

 We are happy to announce that the Lake Shrine Monks introduced two young swans to the Lake yesterday.


The male and female swans were given the Sanskrit names Sundar, meaning "Beauty," and Lila, meaning "Grace," respectively. In addition to their regular feeding schedule, parents with children will be able to feed the swans with food provided at the Visitor Center. For the health of the lake, fish, and swans we ask that the swans be fed solely with food provided by the Visitor Center.




"He who can glide like a swan in the waters of life without wetting the feathers of his faculties in a deep sea of attachment, who is not excited while riding on the sunny crests of the waves nor afraid while floating down the dark currents of evil happenings, has a wisdom ever poised, unwavering."

God Talks With Arjuna, 02:57 



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