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Special Events & Classes

2015 Special Events and Schedule of Introductory Meditation and Technique Review Classes

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Sunday Classes:      1/25 Introduction to Meditation                           6/14 Introduction to Meditation           

                             3/15 Introduction to Meditation                            9/20 Technique Review*       

                             3/22 Technique Review*                                     10/25 Introduction to Meditation         

                             4/19 Energization Exercise Review*                      2nd Sunday of the month Satsanga


                    Classes marked with an * are for students of the Self-realization Fellowship Lessons




Jan. 4 (Sun)    Friendship Tea

Jan. 5 (Mon)   Yogananda Birthday


Jan. 10 (Sat)   Yogananda Birthday Meditation

Jan. 17 (Sat)   Temple Day of Service

Jan. 17 (Sat)   Wellness Yoga Class

Jan. 27 (Tue)  Kriyaban League


Feb. 1 (Sun)   Friendship Tea

Feb. 21 (Sat)  Temple Day of Service

Feb. 21 (Sat)  Wellness Yoga Class

Feb. 24 (Tue)Kriyaban League

Feb. 28 (Sat)  Four Hour Guided Meditation


Mar. 1 (Sun)   Temple Open House

Mar. 1 (Sun)   Friendship Tea

Mar. 1 (Sun)   Temple Organ Recital

Mar. 7 (Sat)    Temple Day of Service

Mar. 7 (Sat)    Yogananda Mahasamadhi


Mar. 9 (Mon) Sri Yukteswar Mahasamadhi


Mar. 14 (Sat)  Wellness Yoga Class

Mar. 21 (Sat) General Temple Retreat


Apr. 4 (Sat)    Temple Day of Service

Apr. 5 (Sun)   Easter Service with choral


Apr. 11 (Sat)  Wellness Yoga Class

Apr. 18 (Sat)  Four Hour Guided Meditation

Apr. 25 (Sat)  Temple Retreat

Apr. 28 (Tue)Kriyaban League



May 2 (Sat)    Lesson Student Temple


May 3 (Sun)   Friendship Tea

May 3-31       St. Joseph Center Food Drive

May 9 (Sat)    Lake Shrine Family Night

May 10 (Sun)Mother’s Day

May 10 (Sun)Sri Yukteswar Birthday


May 16 (Sat)  Wellness Yoga Class

May 26 (Tue)Kriyaban League

May 30 (Sat) Temple Day of Service


June 7 (Sun)   Friendship Tea

June 21 (Sun)Father’s Day

June 23 (Tue)Kriyaban League

June 27 (Sat)  Temple Day of Service

June 27 (Sat)  Wellness Yoga Class

July 4 (Sat)     Independence Day – Lake Shrine Closed

July 5 (Sun)    Friendship Tea

July 11 (Sat)   Temple Day of Service

July 11 (Sat)   Wellness Yoga Class

July 18 (Sat)   Young Adults Temple Retreat

July 25 (Sat)   Mahavatar Babaji Commemoration


Aug. 1 (Sat)    Four Hour Guided Meditation

Aug. 2 (Sun)   Friendship Tea

Aug. 15 (Sat)  Temple Day of Service

Aug. 16-22     Convocation

Aug. 29 (Sat)  Wellness Yoga Class


Sep. 5 (Sat)    Janmashtami

Sep. 6 (Sun)   Friendship Tea

Sep. 12 (Sat)  Temple Day of Service

Sep. 12 (Sat)  India Night

Sep. 19 (Sat)  Wellness Yoga Class

Sep. 26 (Sat)  Lahiri Mahasaya Mahasamadhi


Sep. 30 (Wed) Lahiri Mahasaya Birthday Commemoration


Oct. 3 (Sat)    (Tentative) Lake Shrine Family Night

Oct. 4 (Sun)   Friendship Tea

Oct. 10 (Sat)  Four Hour Guided Meditation

Oct. 24 (Sat)  Temple Day of Service

Oct. 24 (Sat)  Wellness Yoga Class

Oct. 27 (Tue)Kriyaban League



Nov. 1 (Sun)  Friendship Tea

Nov. 1-Dec. 6Foster Kids Gift Program

Nov. 7 (Sat)   Wellness Yoga Class

Nov. 14 (Sat)  Kriyaban Ceremony

Nov. 15&22 (Sun) Holiday Boutique

Nov. 26 (Thu)  Thanksgiving Day – Lake Shrine

                        Closed – No Evening Service


Dec. 5 (Sat)    Wellness Yoga Class

Dec. 6 (Sun)   Friendship Tea

Dec. 12 (Sat)  Temple Day of Service

Dec. 12 (Sat)  Temple Christmas Party

Dec. 13 (Sun)Temple Service with choral Performance

Dec. 19 (Sat)  All-Day Christmas Meditation

Dec. 20 (Sun)Christmas Carol Sing-A-Long after Services

Dec. 24 (Thu)Christmas Eve Devotional Service

Dec. 25 (Fri)  Christmas – Lake Shrine Closed

                        No Evening Meditation

Dec. 31 (Thu)New Year’s Eve Meditation



Information of select events:


EVENT DESCRIPTIONS: times will be announced and listed on monthly calendars


All Satsangas (Q&A) featured on the second Sunday of each month will begin at 12:30 pm in the Main Sanctuary. Everyone is welcome to attend. Questions can be submitted in advance via the question box in the Temple foyer, or online found in the General Information menu on the Homepage. Check monthly calendars to confirm as this event is subject to change.

All Saturday Four Hour Guided Meditations will begin at 10am and conclude by 2pm. Energization exercises will be performed individually before the meditation begins.

All Saturday Temple Retreats will begin at 10am in the main Sanctuary and will conclude before 3pm with an opportunity to enjoy the Lake level meditation gardens until they close at 4:30pm. Energization exercises will be performed as a group integrated into the retreat program. The Saturday General Temple Retreat is open to all and no registration is required. The Lessons Student Temple Retreat will be for those who are enrolled in the SRF Lesson study course. The Young Adults Temple Retreat is for those in their 20s & 30s. Tea and water are served; retreatants bring their own lunch.

The Temple Open House Event in March will be a Sunday opportunity to introduce family and friends to the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. There will be an experience in short guided meditation, and a lecture presentation describing the spiritual path and life-style advocated by Self-Realization Fellowship. The morning will follow the normal Sunday format followed by a Friendship Tea and fellowship. An recital on the new Lake Shrine Temple organ will also be included.

Kriyaban League meetings are for those who have received SRF initiation into Kriya Yoga. All events begin at 7:30pm with meditation, followed by a discipleship class from 8:00-9:00pm. Kriyaban card required for admittance.

The Kriyaban Ceremony will be for those who have received SRF initiation into Kriya Yoga. Kriyaban card required for admittance.

The Patio Boutique will be held in the Temple courtyard on a Sunday and will

present an offering of unique devotional and decorative gift items to enhance our personal and spiritual lives.

A Temple Christmas Party in December will offer an informal pot-luck dinner-social, chorale performance, and seasonal spiritual inspiration. All ages are welcome.

The Temple will be open on Christmas Eve for a 2 hour Devotional Service that includes worshipful offerings to Jesus Christ, spiritual chanting, inspirational readings and meditation. Families with small children are welcome and encouraged to come for the first hour. Light refreshments and fellowship is included.

The Temple will also be open for a New Year’s Eve Meditation. Come “Om” in the New Year.