Special Events & Classes

2014 Special Events and Schedule of Introductory Meditation and Technique Review Classes

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All Classes are at 12:15 and take place in the Temple or the Special Events Room - All Classes are free of charge
Classes marked with *: you must be a Self-Realization Lessons student to attend.

January 26 (Sun) Introduction to Meditation Class

March 16 (Sun) Introduction to Meditation Class

March 23 (Sun) Technique Review Class*

June 8 (Sun) Introduction to Meditation Class

Sept 14 (Sun) Technique Review Class*

Oct 26 (Sun) Introduction to Meditation Class


Special Events


January 5 (Sun) Yogananda Birthday Commemoration

January 5 (Sun) Friendship Tea

January 11 (Sat) Yogananda Birthday Meditation

January 18 (Sat) Temple Day of Service

January 18 (Sat) Hatha Yoga Class

January 28 (Tues) Kriyaban League


February 1 (Sat) Family Meditation/Sunday School

February 2 (Sun) Friendship Tea

February 8 (Sat) Temple Day of Service

February 15 (Sat) Hatha Yoga Class

February 25 (Tues) Kriyaban League


March 1 (Sat) Four hour Meditation

March 2 (Sun) Friendship Tea

March 2 (Sun) Temple Open House

March 7 (Fri) Paramahansa Yogananda Mahasamadhi Commemoration

March 9 (Sun) Sri Yukteswar Mahasamadhi Commemoration

March 22 (Sat) Retreat for Lessons Students

March 29 (Sat) Temple Day of Service

March 29 (Sat) Hatha Yoga Class


April 6 (Sun) Friendship Tea

April 19 (Sat) Temple Day of Service

April 19 (Sat) Hatha Yoga Class

April 20 (Sun) Easter Service with chorale performance

April 22 (Tues) Kriyaban League


May 4 (Sun) Patio Boutique

May 4 (Sun) Friendship Tea

May 10 (Sat) Sri Yukteswar Birthday Commemoration

May 10 (Sat) Four hour meditation

May 11 (Sun) Mother’s Day

May 17 (Sat) Temple Day of Service

May 24 (Sat) Hatha Yoga Class

May 27 (Tues) Kriyaban League


June 1 (Sun) Friendship Tea

June 15 (Sun) Father’s Day

June 24 (Tues) Kriyaban League

June 28 (Sat) Temple Day of Service

June 28 (Sat) Hatha Yoga Class


July 4 (Fri) Independence Day - Grounds Closed No evening meditation

July 6 (Sun) Friendship Tea

July 12 (Sat) General Temple Retreat

July 19 (Sat) Temple Day of Service

July 19 (Sat) Hatha Yoga Class

July 25 (Fri) Mahavatar Babaji Commemoration

July 26 (Sat) Four hour meditation


Aug 2 (Sat) Temple Day of Service

August 3 (Sun) No Evening Meditation (Convocation)

August 3-9 (Sun-Sat) Convocation

August 16 (Sat) Hatha Yoga Class

August 17 (Sun) Janmashtami


September 6 (Sat) Temple Day of Service

September 6 (Sat) India Night & Dedication Celebration

September 14 (Sun) Friendship Tea

September 20 (Sat) Hatha Yoga

September 26 (Fri) Lahiri Mahasaya Mahasamadhi Commemoration

September 30 (Tue) Lahiri Mahasaya Birthday Commemoration


October 3-5 (Fri-Sun) Sequoia Weekend Retreat

October 5 (Sun) Friendship Tea

October 11 (Sat) Temple Day of Service

October 18 (Sat) Sunday School Family Night

October 25 (Sat) Hatha Yoga Class

October 28 (Tue) Kriyaban League


November 2 (Sun) Friendship Tea

Nov 2 - Dec 7 (Sun) Gifts for Foster Children Begins

November 15 (Sat) Kriyaban Retreat

November 16 (Sun) Holiday Boutique

November 22 (Sat) Hatha Yoga Class

November 23 (Sun) Holiday Boutique

November 25 (Tues) Kriyaban League

November 27 (Thurs) Thanksgiving Day (Grounds Closed)

No Evening Service


December 7 (Sun) Friendship Tea

December 13 (Sat) Temple Day of Service

December 13 (Sat) Temple Christmas Party

December 14 (Sun) Service with chorale performance

December 14 (Sun) Mother Center Christmas Open House 1-5 pm

December 20 (Sat) All-day Christmas Meditation

December 21 (Sun) Christmas Carol Sing-A-Long After Services

December 23 (Tue) Kriyaban League CANCELLED

December 24 (Wed) Christmas Eve Devotional Service

December 27 (Sat) Hatha Yoga Class CANCELLED

December 31 (Wed) New Year’s Eve Meditation