Self-Realization Fellowship - Lake Shrine Temple

Sunday Service Topics

Sunday Services are normally at 9 & 11 am. Please check our calendar for updates.



4 The Science of Knowing God
11 Belief, Faith, and Wisdom
18 The Infinite Power Within You
25 What is Heaven
1 God's Vital Laws of Health and Well-Being
8 Living the Spiritual Life in a Material World
15 True Religion: A Universal Need
22 The Way to Be Happy at Will
1 Expanding Your Awareness of God
8 Regain Your Divine Heritage
15 Controlling the Power of Habit
22 The Secret of Spiritual Success
29 The Deeper Teachings of Jesus Christ
5 The True Meaning of Resurrection
12 Peace: The Altar of Heaven
19 Balancing Your Material and Spiritual Life
26 healing by God's Unlimited Power
3 What is Love?
10 The Mother Aspect of God
17 Anchor Yourself In God
24 Sacred Literature: A World of Solace
31 Why Our Loved Ones Die
7 The Universe: God's Cosmic Dream
14 Attuning Your Life To God's Abundance
21 the Father Aspect of God
28 How You Can Talk With God
5 The Spiritual Foundations of World Peace
12 Reincarnation: The Soul's Journey to God
19 Universal Steps That Lead to God-communion
26 Great Saints and Illumined Teachers: God's Messengers of Truth
2 Understanding the Mystery of Life and Death
9 Awakening Your Divine Nature
16 Your Role in God's Drama of Creation
23 Meditation: The Divine Science
30 How Thoughts Can Change Your Life
6 Service: The Power of Love in Action
13 Karma: The Law of Cosmic Justice
20 What is God's True Nature?
27 How to Bring God Into Daily Life
4 Loyalty: Highest Law of Spiritual Success
11 What is Truth?
18 Ways to Conquer Fear
25 What is the Soul?
1 Overcoming Nervousness
8 A Spiritual Approach to World Peace
15 Habit: Your Master or Your Slave?
22 Giving Thanks for Life's Blessings
29 The Purpose of Life
6 How to Find Lasting Joy
13 The Divine Nature of Christ
20 Celebrating Christmas in the Temple of the Soul
27 Make Yourself What You Want to Be