Self-Realization Fellowship - Lake Shrine Temple

Sunday Service Topics

Sunday Services are normally at 9 & 11 am. Please check our calendar for updates.


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5 The Grace and Guidance of a True Guru
12 Rediscovering Your Higher Self
19 Meditation: The Science of Contacting God
26 How to Rise Above Pressures and Problems
2 Habits: Your Master or Your Slave?
9 Experiencing the Love of God
16 The Liberating Power of Affirmation
23 The Cosmic Motion Picture
2 Harnessing the Power of Mind
9 The Speaking Voice of Silent God
16 Why Waste Time? God Is the Joy You Seek
23 How to Be a Friend to All
30 The Way to Lasting Peace and Happiness
6 Life Energy: The Power That Heals
13 The Deeper Teachings of Jesus Christ
20 The True Meaning of Resurrection
27 Bringing Our Lives Into Balance
4 Developing the Invincible Power of Initiative
11 The Mother As an Expression of God’s Unconditional Love
18 The Dream Fabric of Life
25 The Underlying Unity of the World’s Religions
1 Living Without Fear
8 Self-Analysis: Key to the Mastery of Life
15 The Father Aspect of God
22 The Four Ways to Direct Experience of God
29 The True Purpose of Marriage
6 Building World Unity
13 Understanding Reincarnation
20 The Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga
27 Why We Suffer
3 How to Develop True Intuition
10 Who Made God?
17 Miracles: The Working of Higher Laws
24 The Battle Between Good and Evil
31 Meditation: Direct Perception of God
7 How to Spiritualize Business
14 The Unlimited Power of the Mind
21 Be a Smile Millionaire
28 Our Immortal Nature
5 The Example of a Saintly Life
12 Living in Constant Remembrance of God
19 Spiritual Laws That Govern Healing
26 How to Read Others’ Character, and Improve Our Own
2 The Scientific Art of Living
9 The Universal Appeal of Yoga, India’s Ancient Spiritual Science
16 How to Dissolve the Causes of War
23 Giving Thanks for Life’s Blessings
30 Inner Resources of Energy and Health
7 How to Create Dynamic Will Power
14 Attunement With the Christ Consciousness
21 The Divine Nature of Christ
28 Awakening From the Dream of Human Limitations
Please note: Recording of services is not permitted.