Self-Realization Fellowship - Lake Shrine Temple

Sunday School

About the Sunday School


At the heart of our Sunday School program is a core of dedicated volunteer teachers and parents, supported by the Lake Shrine monastics.  The teachings given in Self-Realization Fellowship Sunday School are centered on the writings of our founder, Paramahansa Yogananda.

Meditation and high moral principles are the cornerstones upon which the teachings of Self-Realization Fellowship are based.  Children are taught to lead happy balanced lives by bringing God into their daily lives through kindness to others, and by developing a personal relationship with God through meditation.


To The Parents

As a parent, you can help your children get the most out of their Sunday School experience by being a good example to them.  Try to be an example of kindness, love, understanding, and compassion - all the qualities which come as one strives to live by spiritual principles.  We have found that by living the spiritual life, parents can inspire their children to want to attend Sunday School and practice what they learn there.

Boys Meditating

One of our goals is to help support you in your efforts to spiritually enrich the quality and experience of your own family life.  Please feel free to visit the Sunday School office if you have any questions or ideas about how we may better serve the children and families attending Lake Shrine.



9am Classes Ages

Primary Girls                                                        6 - 10

Primary Boys                                                       6 - 10   

11am Classes Ages

Pre-School Girls                                                   3 - 5
Pre-School Boys                                                  3 - 5

Little Yogi

Primary Girls                                                        6 - 8

Primary Boys                                                       6 - 8

Junior Girls                                                          9 - 11
Junior Boys                                                         9 - 11
Junior Teens                                                     12 - 14


Class Format

  • Pre-Service - Children and Parents are welcomed to the Sunday School.  The children are engaged in a pre-service activity (craft, game, etc.) creating a sense of unity and loving exchange and are given an introduction to the lesson of the class.
  • Energization Exercises - The children assemble either indoors or outdoors to learn and practice the technique of drawing energy into their bodies as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda.  They say an opening prayer and do several exercises together.
  • Meditation - This is the heart of each Sunday School class where children learn how to still their bodies, calm their breath and turn their minds inward in meditation.
    • The usual sequence for this part of the class is: opening prayer, offertory, chanting, affirmation, sitting in silence and meditation, closing chant and closing prayer.
  • Lesson - Each week's class has a special spiritual theme and objective which is presented through a story, an object lessen, a puppet show, role playing, discussion, etc.
    • Here the children become familiar with the line of Self-Realization Fellowship Gurus and their teachings, as well as the "How-to-Live" principles taught by Paramahansa Yogananda.
    • A special emphasis is placed on making the material interesting, age-appropriate, and applicable to the children's daily lives.
  • Craft (optional) - This phase is connected to the lesson.  It brings the lesson to a hands-on level, giving the children an opportunity to relate to it through an object they create themselves.
    • This is also a time of informal conversation, facilitating a deeper understanding in the children of the lesson.
  • Closing Prayer - The children finish Sunday School class with a prayer and a moment of silence, remembering God even in the midst of activity.