Volunteer Committees

Volunteer Committees

For more volunteer information, you can call the Volunteer Coordinator's office for information during the week (310-454-4114 ext. 5353) or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Announcers deliver introductions and weekly announcements at the beginning of Temple lecture services. This is a high-profile position. One must be a seasoned Kriyaban, comfortable being in front of those attending the lecture, and have good public speaking skills.

Arts & Crafts

The Arts & Crafts committee meets monthly to create craft items for sale at the Holiday Bazaar and at occasional crafts sales. Attending members must be Self-Realization Fellowship lesson students.


The AV team operates the audio-video equipment for lecture services, meditations, and special events. Its members must have the technical knowledge of, and ability to, handle the Lake Shrine Temple's audio-video equipment.

Bookroom & Visitor's Center

This committee staffs the Temple Bookroom and the Visitors Center during their normal hours of operation. Members of the committee act as representatives of Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) and the Lake Shrine to the public, and so must have good appearance, presentation, and people skills. They must be knowledgeable about SRF literature, books, and other items currently on sale, and be able to operate a cash register. To volunteer for the Visitor's center, one must be a Kriyaban. For the Book Room one must be an SRF Lesson student.

Chapel Sitting

This committee provides people to sit in and watch over the Windmill Chapel when it is open to the public. They must see to it that the silent devotional atmosphere of the chapel is maintained. Self-Realization Fellowship Lesson student status is required.


This committee is responsible for creating decorations for special events. These projects include table settings for dinners, altar and holiday decorations.


This committee purchases and delivers flowers, and arranges and maintains the flower arrangements placed in the Temple and the Windmill Chapel. A one-year commitment is required of volunteers due to the training period involved in this activity.

Food & Beverage

This committee is responsible for providing and serving food and beverages at special events, and at various committee meetings. It is also responsible for managing the Temple kitchen.

Friendship Tea

This committee prepares and serves the refreshments (baked goods and drinks) at the bi-weekly Friendship Tea socials after the 11:00 am Sunday lecture service. Volunteers do table set-up, baking, drink preparation, and serving of the food and they do all clean up afterwards. All are welcome to serve here.


The members of this committee sit with baskets of flowers and string the blossoms up into garlands for the altars, these to be used during the Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) commemorative services. They are responsible for removing the garlands at the close of the services as well. Members must be SRF Lesson students.

Gift Shop

The gift shop offers a range of gift items imported from India. Volunteers help with a variety of duties including cleaning, inventory and sales. All volunteers must be Kriyabans or well-established Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons Students.

Graphic Artists

These volunteers help with designing fliers, brochures, announcements, and other printed items advertising Lake Shrine activities.

Grounds & Temple Hosting

This committee provides hosts for the Lake Shrine grounds. Hosts are responsible for maintaining the atmosphere of meditation in the gardens and the Temple foyer. Because they represent Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) and the Lake Shrine to the public, Hosts must have good poeple skills and present themselves positively. They must also be able to handle difficult people and situations as they arise. Hosts serve in two hour shifts every day of the week (except Monday when the grounds are closed) and also Saturday and Sunday afternoons in the Temple foyer. Hosts must be SRF Lesson students.

Kirtan & Meditation

This committee includes those who play kirtan during the weekly meditation, and at various special events. The committee also includes lay members who are approved to lead Temple meditations. Committee members must be Self-Realization Fellowship Lesson students.

Lake Shrine Tours

The members of this committee are the 'docents' who conduct tours of the Lake Shrine grounds on the first Sunday of each month, and the Temple Tour guides, who lead groups to the Temple on Saturdays and Sundays. Members must present themselves well and be able to speak to and manage a tour group. This position requires extensive knowledge of the Lake Shrine grounds and its history and the ability to answer questions posed about the Lake Shrine. All new members are trained before giving tours on their own. Participants must be Self-Realization Fellowship Lesson students.


Memebers of this committee provide the organ music at Sunday services. They must be Self-Realilzation Fellowship Lesson students.


The photography committee provides photo coverage of special events, and is responsible for maintaining the photo display in the Temple foyer. The group also does documentary coverage of events for future reference, and general photo coverage of the Lake Shrine for archive purposes. One must be a Self-Realization Fellowship Lesson student to participate.

Prayers & Visitation

The members of this committee pray for, and visit, those of the Temple congregation in need of support during illness, limitations of old age, or other debility. Members must be Self-Realization Fellowship Lesson students.


These volunteers handle the ticket sales for special events. They must be Self-Realization Fellowship Lesson students.


Members of this committee serve the Lake Shrine Retreat program in a number of ways, including cleaning and stocking retreatant rooms, and serving in the kitchen and dining rooms, and other areas as needed. Members of the committee interface directly with retreatants, they need to be at least Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) students and be familiar with SRF and Lake Shrine information and policy.


Set-up & Take-down

Members of this committee do the heavy work of setting up tables, chairs, umbrellas, etc. for special events and services and also follow through with takedown after the events. Anyone can serve who is physically able.

Sunday Phones

Members of this committee operate the Lake Shrine telephones on Sundays. They must be able to handle any calls that come in, and so the position requires thorough knowledge of the Lake Shrine and the ability to answer any type of question, and to route calls correctly.

Volunteers will be trained to operate the switchboard. They should at least be Self-Realization Fellowship Lesson students.

Sunday School

The Sunday School committee provides teachers, assistants, and support personnel for the Sunday School program and classes. Teachers must be Kriyabans. Assistants and others must be at least Self Realization Fellowship (SRF) Lesson students. Teachers need to be familiar with the SRF teachings and to be able to prepare classes that convey the teachings to children effectively.

Temple Day of Service

The 'Temple Day of Service' is the Lake Shrine's monthly big cleaning and maintenance day. Anyone can volunteer and take part in this community service to the Temple. The organizers of the day have coordinated with various committees regarding their needs and pass out work "

assignments to volunteers accordingly. The day begins with a meditation, followed by work assignments and then closes with a meditation and a vegetarian lunch prepared by volunteers.

Temple Day of Service Food Preparation

Members of this committee prepare, set out (and clean up afterwards) the vegetarian lunch for the Temple Day of Service volunteers.

Temple Beautiful

The 'Temple Beautiful' committee consists of small teams that come in to do the weekly Saturday cleaning of the Temple, foyer, and Sunday School rooms. Each team meets once a month.

Temple Singers

The Lake Shrine choir (the 'Temple Singers') perform periodically throughout year. All rehearsals are at the Temple at scheduled meeting times. (See, also, 'Visitation Choir').

Ushers & Greeters

The 'Users and Greeters' committee is a large group of men and women who assist Lake Shrine Temple visitors at more than 260 events each year. Tasks include seating attendants at the events, answering questions, attending to special needs, directing surface and garage parking,

monitoring Temple mechanical systems, handling emergencies, and assuring that Lake Shrine events proceed in a friendly, orderly manner. To be a member of this committee, one must be at least a Self-Realization Fellowship Lesson student.

Visitation Choir

This choir meets the first Sunday of each month, after second service, to rehearse. They visit hospitals and other venues to bring inspiration and music to others. This committee also handles the 'Christmas Carol Sing'. These holiday singers renew the light of Christmas with their voices in the Temple foyer every December.


The Wedding Committee provides the ushering and support for all Lake Shrine weddings. They meet and guide the bride & groom and their parties, manage the parking lot, and communicate Lake Shrine wedding guidelines to attendees. The wedding coordinator does all the advance booking, planning, payment handling, etc. in advance of the wedding. The remainder of the team helps at the actual wedding. Members of the committee must be Self-Realization Fellowship Lesson students.

Young Adults

The leaders and advisors for this group manage the meetings and activities of the Lake Shrine young adults, which include both meetings at the Temple, and outside group activities. Members of this committee must be Kriyabans.