Volunteer Testimonials


Mei Ling Moore - Ground Host and Sunday School: "It is a privilege to be of service, a small way of giving back the huge amount of love I receive from God, Guru and our fellow devotees. I get to see everyone's smiling faces and see the fellowship aspect of the devotees in action!."

Jennifer Fahs - Temple Beautiful Committee: “I volunteer because it is the nearest and dearest way for me to serve a Master that has given me so much and for my soul to connect with the divine. I also volunteer because I wanted to a part of a community of people who are all so deeply linked in spirit. The best way to be "a part of" is to volunteer."

David Paquet - Usher: "As I radiate love and goodwill to others, I open up the door for God's love to flow through me."

DeeDee Phelps - "I've been serving at Lake Shrine for twenty four years: in the gift shop, head of registration, Secretary of the General Committee, announcement writer, choir organizer, kirtan player and leader, Special Events Committee member, former Planning Committee and Temple Advisory Committee member, woman's group member and am currently serving as a Sunday night Kirtan meditation leader, on the Monastic Support Team and as parent advisor for the Young Adult Group."

"Through change and growth I've come to realize that our Guru showers blessings over us, buckets full for every teaspoon of service. Serving brings stability and joy. It's brought me an inner awareness that I'm on the right track, that I'm finally coming home."

Leti Eisner - Temple Beautiful & Ground Host: "To volunteer is the only way to return my gratitude for all the wisdom and warmth that has been given to me by Guru and God."

Donna Rose - Temple Day of Service and Special Events:"It is great to spend a day in the high vibrations of the Lake and work with others who love God."

Gerald Beltzen - Special Events: "It's the center of my life because the principles and lessons of Yogananda intertwine with one another; they are inseparable!"

Sara Buriskin (15yrs. old): "Everytime you serve you get more blessings. It feels so spiritual to be serving that it's hard not to serve."

Jim Furlong - Sunday School Teacher: "To serve is to be part of a loving family."

Devon Weiss... "It's like meditation; another form of meditation."

John Tobin - Temple Hosting Committee: "It gives me a sense of connection to the gurus and Master's work. The Temple Host job balances my life in contrast to the hectic world of the film and entertainment industry."

Linda Long - Sunday School: "Everyone's life has its up swings and downs, but I can honestly say my work as a volunteer at Lake Shrine has kept the pendulum from swinging out of control. When you're hit with a big challenge, you tend to think you don't have time for "extras" like volunteer work. Yet, there have been so many times I've been faced with a crisis, and had to literally drag myself to the Lake, only to experience a level of support and cooperation that was truly transformative and energizing. Now I know what they mean when they say, "service is a blessing."

Garth Sheriff - Usher Committee: "Serving at Lakeshrine is an ever-expanding blessing whose spiritual rewards embarrassingly outweigh its obligations"

John Voors - Usher and Sunday School Committee: "I have served as an usher and with Sunday School. For me, serving gives me happiness in knowing that I'm being helpful to others, I have made friends with a great bunch of people; and especially with Sunday School; it seems I learn more than I impart. Without fail I always feel good about myself when I serve."

Rachel Laurendeau - Temple Beautiful and Sunday School Committee: " I serve for Master because it is part of my loyalty to him; And by those who seek spiritual solace and growth, I have transformed into Master's hands and feet."

Patricia Gilmore - Ground Host Committee: " Walking the sacred grounds that Master himself walked, and meeting our visitors from all over the world, is always a joy. Every time I serve I am reminded of what a blessing it is to be a devotee and what an honor to be a volunteer."

Charlayne Fliege - Flower Committee: "Service is truly a very important part of spiritual growth, devotion, and an amazing way of connecting with the Gurus! "

Christina Garcia - Sunday School, Teen Retreat, Girls Youth Program, and Special Events: "Serving God and Guru has taught me to give it to guru and see the miracles that happen; made my meditations deeper and more devotional; helped me to be humble and let go of my ego; allowed me to model service to my children and grandchildren by getting them involved; made me practice patience, unconditional love and fearlessness; and much much more."

Andrew Leavenworth - Sunday School, " Oh so many years ago, I was offered the opportunity to work with Sunday School "Pre-schoolers" at the Lake Shrine! You know how Master talks about learning to be childlike...well, as a Sunday School teacher you get to sculpt play dough meditators, do shows with Guru puppets, act out Master's stories and learn to keep the spiritual life simple, i.e. meditation is about loving God and Gurus and them loving you. Best of all you get to answer really fun questions like: "Who made God?" In teaching you get to learn much."

Kimberleigh Wood - Sunday School, "Just last Sunday, before going to church, I meditated for divine guidance in an important decision I was about to make. During my hour of service, Master presented several demonstrations which made me laugh and reminded me who I am, thus solving my dilemma."

Dawn Meyer - Sunday School, "When I started reading the Autobiography of a Yogi, and the lessons (about 4 years ago)...I also started my volunteer journey. Volunteering was a way for me to get to know others in SRF...that was a bi-product. I believe that service to and action in keeps my relationship with Master as a "living and breathing experience." My Blessing to work with the Sunday School was a gift I received from Master, for it truly has been a joy to serve in this capacity. The words that come from the mouths of these old souls in young bodies are inspirational and really I feel that I get more out of it than I give. I am in Master's School serving as an assistant teacher and developing as a student as well."

Isabelle McHugh - Friendship Tea, "Serving at the Lake has been a beautiful experience for me because it solidifies the idea of spiritual community and spiritual family. You get to know people outside their lives, you connect with them on a different level of existence, there's no strings attached, no ambition, no competition, just the joy of giving, and on the receiving end, people are grateful! (I'm not used to that in the world). It's a safe & nurturing place to be around people. It feels totally sheltered."